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MAP Testing

We will be doing MAP testing on Friday 9/18 from 8-11 am for Math.  This is a remote day and all students (hybrid or remote) should log into their Mustang Minutes class at 8 am that morning to complete their math MAP test. English Language Arts will test on 9/25 from 8-11

Again, students should log into their Mustang Minutes class at 8 am to complete the ELA MAP test. If your student needs to log in at a later time, please email Ms. Shea ( and she will make arrangements.

Jeffco Parents' Guide to Google Classroom

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Contact Mr. Mizelle (Digital Teacher Librarian) at for further questions.


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Lunch Schedule for Hybrid Students

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Red Days (period 3)

6th Grade 

(10:28 - 10:58)

7th Grade 

(11:15 - 11:45)

8th Grade 

(12:03 - 12:33)  

Wisor (Holz)

Harris (Salaver)

Wisor (Pospisil)

Harris (Davis)

Sikes (Way)

Sikes (Anderson)

Shea (O)

Shea (Milano)

Fletcher (Stroh)

Nellis (Rife)

Nellis (Catayong/ Bradley)

Swartz (Winter)

Derhak (Asmus)

Swartz (Catayong/ Bradley)

Derhak (Karr) 



Black Days (period 4)

6th Grade 

(10:28 - 10:58)

7th Grade 

(11:15 - 11:45)

8th Grade 

(12:03 - 12:33)  

Wisor (Reed)

Harris (Way)

Wisor (?)

Harris (Granitto/ Barkey)

Sikes (Bradley)

Sikes (Catayong/ Ryan)

Shea (Rife)

Shea (Holz)

Fletcher (Winter)

Nellis (Asmus)

Nellis (Davis)

Swartz (Idell)

Derhak (Anderson)

Swartz (Milano)

Derhak (Catayong/ Ryan)

Hybrid Block Scheduling - Beginning 9/8/2020

Click HERE for a "snapshot" of what this looks like for a Moore Student.

Hybrid Learning Block Schedule

Odd (1,3,5) Periods are Red Day




Even (2,4,6) Periods are Black Day

Mustang Minutes



Mustang Minutes

Period 1



Period 2

Period 3 and Lunch



Period 4 and Lunch

6th Grade Lunch (30)


6th Grade Lunch (30)

6th Grade Period 3 (93)


6th Grade Period 4 (93)

7th Grade Period 3 (45)

10:28- 11:13

7th Grade Period 4 (45)

7th Grade Lunch (30)


7th Grade Lunch (30)

7th Grade Period 3 (46)


7th Grade Period 4 (46)

8th Grade Period 3 (93)


8th Grade Period 4 (93)

8th Grade Lunch (30)


8th Grade Lunch (30)

Period 5



Period 6

Study Hall/Snack



Study Hall/Snack

Friday Crunch Day

Mustang Minutes

7:45 AM

8:14 AM

Period 1

8:18 AM

9:11 AM

Period 2

9:15 AM

10:08 AM

Period 3

10:12 AM

11:05 AM


11:09 AM

11:39 AM

Period 4

11:43 AM

12:36 PM

Period 5

12:40 PM

1:33 PM

Period 6

1:37 PM

2:30 PM

One School/One Book


We will be open to discussions about equity and anti-racism as we continue to work on the culture and climate of our building.  We will be providing more information about Restorative Practices and how we will use it throughout the year as well as how we will discuss equity through one-quarter of our One School/One Book initiative.

As part of our focus on improving our students’ reading comprehension skills, we will be doing One School/One Book.  Each quarter, students will be reading a book together.  A team of teachers, our Digital Teacher Librarian, and an Assistant Principal have been looking for books that will be engaging and get students interested in reading.  We will provide a physical book for every student (regardless of service model - hybrid or remote) as we feel that there is an improvement in comprehension when reading a paper book.  Watch for information about the distribution of the books once school starts.

Moore Middle School
2020-2021 School Year

Brenda Fletcher, Principal

Jason Wisor, Assistant Principal

Veronica Shea, Assistant Principal

Jack Swartz, Dean of Culture

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